Late Night Meditation.

Sitting in a cold space, trying to find a place to rest my restless heart. My thought patterns start a failing, seems I hear my own voices saying, it’s not alright. A restless night in my mind, spending too much time,  looking and trying to find.

My thoughts keep on a flashin’, same ol’ stuff and foolishness passin’ though my mind, Then I slow my breath, and slowly find, the distant rhythm’ of my heart, turns out I’m fine. It’s a busy night in my mind.

So many times I’ve wondered,  doesn’t matter how I look at it, I still see it, and it always comes out the same. It’s life, and I still play this thinking game.

 I find my heart space is achin’, so I take a breath, and try to pass some time.

Sometimes late at night, it gets hard to rest, Til I let go of my image, and breath deep in my chest, then I feel just fine. Now I’m hoverin’ by my head space, and I finally have a warm place, to spend some time. Things will be just fine.

It’s a quiet time in my mind.