The Value Of An Open Mind

Anyone with wisdom loves life. They go hand in hand. They also love all people, no matter the differenced in race, religion, gender, economic status, political views, etc….. They have survived their struggles, and let go of their sorrows. They are open to change, and the views of others.

If instead, you are struggling in your insecurities and drowning in your sorrows, closed to others views, stubborn and blinded by self importance; personal growth and potential solutions to happiness and wisdom will be elusive. Your ability to move forward, and find your true self, and contentment are slowed, if not stopped, by anger, addictions, and pain.

The only solution is an open mind. No one can see all possible answers and solutions. Wisdom is sought after. Whether it be from elders or children, experiences and challenges, the seeker continues to cultivate an open mind, and a true heart. Staying faithful to the journey, and true to the self, remaining patient during inner and outer conflict, yet never embracing or fleeing from conflict. Wisdom is not learned but rather discovered, like a new path to an old place.

Quiet time is the only path

Pay attention to what brings you more freedom, versus what brings you more suffering. Then take actions to liberate yourself from that which brings you towards suffering. None of it is easy. On the contrary, it is difficult. You must know the mind, in order to move towards peace, and happiness. Quiet time is the only path.