The Power of Nature

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Yosemite tends to dwarf you. The granite walls, the giant Sequoia, and Sugar Pine trees. Big skies, filled with big weather and huge waterfalls. You feel a presence. Living beings, trees, bears, rushing rivers, so much bigger than a human.You enter a cathedral, that is not man made, and does not need you in any way. Your individual problems pale in comparison to the wonders that surround you. You are dwarfed, and it is humbling and healthy. This is why we need to protect Mother Nature. She is not wild, she is natural and beautiful, we are the wild and reckless ones who need to be tamed, not her.

It is your practice

In all the years I have been practicing yoga, I have encountered numerous teachers who understand the theories of asana. They have no problem explaining the most technical points of a pose. A few gifted teachers take it a step further. They understand the most technical points of the pose, but they understand that without the breath, an open curious mind, and a willingness to focus intently without judgement, the practice is nothing more than exercise. They give you the time and space to practice. They do not tell you how to feel. They don’t tell you how to feel because that is your experience. They simply teach the pose, and give you space to breath and have an experience. Then you choose to do a pose like exercise, or you choose to find the beauty and poetry of the pose, and move from the outer to the inner, it is ultimately your decision. Eventually you must climb above the physical struggle and face the ego and its struggle to accept at first the asana, and eventually the life, your life. Your limits, your weaknesses, your strengths and gifts, the dark and the light. There is a delicate balance between, your mat, your world, and yourself. If your practice does not serve you, and enhance your life, then you should make changes, it is pretty simple. Yoga can heal you, can harm you, can change you for better or worse, but it can only do these things with your approval.

Ardha Chandrasana

IMG_2099The benefits of Ardha Chandrasana will never outweigh the benefits of standing in the middle of a field of flowers, taking in clean air, and Mother Nature’s gift.  However, it will build your balance, core, and coordination, among things.