Why stay on the path?

People who seek the truth, and choose to walk a spiritual path often struggle. The search for truth and meaning is non-directional and lacking focus – no map provided to the seeker. You wonder, Is this really my life?  Is this what I am meant to do?  You may look for fulfillment in relationships, or work. You may search for something that feels intuitively familiar, but yet seems so distant. You struggle to be satisfied with “Life”. Don’t despair. Realize you are doing exactly what all conscious humans have wrestled with. The path you walk is difficult, due to your consciousness and open eyes. You search for the lighted path. You have a journey that you must become aware of and accept. You are a truth seeker. Your revelation will be found through love. Better to be on the path, rather than unconscious. Smile.  Be happy.  You are exactly where you should be.