Guest Teaching at Mountain Soul Yoga in Edwards, CO August 18 & 19

I’ll be Guest Teaching a Friday night yoga class and Saturday Workshop at Mountain Soul Yoga in Edwards, CO.  If in the area, come check it out!

  • Friday 8/18 4:30pm – 5:45pm
    Happy Hour Yoga
  • Saturday 8/19 4:30pm – 6pm
    Yoga As Movement Meditation
    In this class we will focus on how yoga can enhance athletic performance, prevent injuries, and help with injuries that have already occurred. 


The wise individual does not spend time defending who or what they are. Instead, they know and accept their truth, They are confident and comfortable with self, and move forward sharing their wisdom and shining their light. They live a life that accepts lessons needed to be learned and freely give away the lessons that need to be gifted to those in need. Eventually you realize you know so little, and accept.

The Power of Nature

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Yosemite tends to dwarf you. The granite walls, the giant Sequoia, and Sugar Pine trees. Big skies, filled with big weather and huge waterfalls. You feel a presence. Living beings, trees, bears, rushing rivers, so much bigger than a human.You enter a cathedral, that is not man made, and does not need you in any way. Your individual problems pale in comparison to the wonders that surround you. You are dwarfed, and it is humbling and healthy. This is why we need to protect Mother Nature. She is not wild, she is natural and beautiful, we are the wild and reckless ones who need to be tamed, not her.